Battle Deck: Grisly Graverobbers

Battle Deck: Grisly Graverobbers

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With an influx of awesome new Green and Black cards from Guilds of Ravnica, we've remixed an all time favorite for you to battle with! We have included an image of the new deck list so you can see all of the GRN goodies! *please be aware that editions may vary*

These folksy masters of backwoods necromancy promise deliverance from the bonds of death at the price of your soul.

Grisly Graverobbers is a Green/Black deck that dumps huge creatures in the graveyard and reanimates them for less than they would cost to cast. This 60-card Magic: the Gathering deck is ready to play and tons of fun!
Battle Decks come with two unique tokens in a clear plastic case, ready for your enjoyment.

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