Militant Guild Cache

Militant Guild Cache

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For millennia, mages have gathered their spoils and hidden them away deep within their vaults. But now, Card Kingdom is cracking open those vaults just for you! We’re giving you access to all the guild loot you could dream of!

Two colors are better than one, so choose your favorite two-color pair, and start pillaging today!


Members of the Militant Guild maintain law and order using any means necessary.

Each Guild Cache contains 124 cards from across the history of Magic, and here is what you can expect in your Militant Guild Cache:

20 BFZ Full Art Plains
20 BFZ Full Art Mountains
9 Different playsets of White Rare cards
9 Different playsets of Red Rare cards
3 Different playsets of White/Red Multicolor Rare cards

*All cards are from a variety of sets and if you purchase Guild Caches with overlapping colors you may receive duplicate playsets of most or all cards*

*A playset is four copies of a card*

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